Waveform Voice Acting


The CLient

Darby Cupit of Waveform Voice Acting is one of Seattle’s most dynamic and talented voice actors.   Although a natural bass, Darby has a broad vocal range that is almost double that of the average person’s (Aflat2-B5). Notably having voiced over a character with a high range for a year and a half (Papyrus, from Undertale the Musical), Darby is consistent with vocal work that falls in the extremes of his range.

Beyond vocal animation work, Waveform provides a vocal experience that extends to singing in a variety of music genres including video game music, rock, opera, classical, disco, lounge, Disney, and others

Why Icon Web Development

Before working with Icon web development, Waveform had a minimal online presence. Their previous website design was not engaging with potential clients and looked sparse in terms of content. We helped Waveform establish their brand, and engage with their clientele by redesigning their website, cleaning up their content, and writing SEO.


Mobile Responsive Design

Icon Web Development utilizes mobile responsive design templates for all of the projects we work on and is also responsive web certified through Free Code Camp. All of our websites are scalable across multiple devices (e.g., tablets) and are mobile friendly. This means your website will display correctly no matter if it's being viewed on a cell phone, your tablet or your desktop!



Many of our clients come to us at different points in their web development journey. At the time we started working with Waveform, Darby already had a free WIX website established. However, unsatisfied with the overall design, Darby wanted something with more personality and professionalism that showcased his talents as a vocal artist. He wanted a space in which he could display his work and offer his credentials all while having the convenience of being able to maintain his website.


Utilizing Icon Web Development’s logo design services Icon designated typography for Waveform Voice Acting and worked with Darby to conceptualize and create the current Waveform logo. Icon based the logo off of a waveform symbol Darby had created on his own, however, streamlined the image by rounding out the edges of the waveform.

Icon also added other graphic elements to mimic that of a recording microphone completing the image with gradient coloring in the established brand colors. The client was then provided access to cloud storage where his logo and other brand information are stored.


While most of the content for the new website was pulled from the former site to cut overall costs, Icon wrote additional content and researched keywords to ensure the content being delivered was still information dense, and competitive to the vocal work market. We also proofread the content to make sure it was error free and to confirm the underlying tone of the written content was reflective of Waveform’s core business values.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 2.33.14 PM.png


Beginning with the website structure established during our initial consultation,  the Waveform Voice Acting website was built utilizing a basic template as its building blocks. Specified features such as video footer and affiliate logo blocks were then added to the website after.

Once the site structure was set, and updated brand colors and logo were implemented, the content was then placed. Icon then took the client for a site walkthrough to ensure that the design and presentation was representative of the client’s brand.

After website completion, we met with Darby of Waveform to walk through the site once more, and to teach our client how to maintain his website through the use of blog posting.


Along with designing and rebuilding the Waveform site, Icon optimized the website’s images, wrote metadata for SEO behind the content and images, and performed a site validation through Google. Icon also linked featured platforms where Darby’s vocal work could be found, along with major gaming platforms where games he has done musical or vocal work for can be purchased.


  • Google Business listing

  • Social platforms links

  • Google site validation


  • Custom styling with CSS


  • Cloud access to all revised content

  • Cloud access to all optimized images

  • Cloud access to customized brand kit