Kim’s Lashes & Microblading



Kim of Kim’s Lashes and Microblading brings over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry to her Lash and Brow business. Beginning as a manicurist in 2009, she obtained her cosmetologist license in 2011 and then began lashes in 2013. Fully certified in brow tattoo, as well as removal, she is also certified with JB lashes and Borboletea lashes. Her most recent accomplishment and certification with Phibrows.


Many of our clients come to us at different points in their web development journey. Referred to us by Ashley of Beauty Escape Spa, Kim came to Icon Web Development looking to build credibility for her business and develop “home base” for contact so customers could easily find and book her services.



Icon Web Development offers all of its clients a mobile responsive design. All of our websites are scalable across multiple devices (e.g., tablets) and are mobile friendly. This means your website will display correctly no matter if it's being viewed on a cell phone, your tablet or your desktop.


Client Needs

During our initial consultation, Kim of Kim’s Lashes and Microblading expressed the importance of educating her clients on the differences between quality in her services as compared to other estheticians. Beyond displaying information about her services, it was important to Kim to streamline the booking process for her clients as well as herself. Icon added a booking widget specific to those in the beauty industry, that syncs with her google calendar, accepts deposit payments, and alerts her clients with appointment notifications. In addition to booking, Kim also expressed the need to streamline her intake process so Icon added interactive online consent forms for all of her procedures into her website.


Utilizing Icon Web Development’s logo design services Icon designated typography for Kim’s brand and worked with Kim to conceptualize and create Kim’s current logo. The client was then provided access to cloud storage where her logo other brand information is stored.

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Packed with information on Lash Extensions as well as Microblading, Icon was able to write and revise content that educated Kim’s prospective clients on what to expect during cosmetic procedures and what to look for in choosing her as their lash and microblading artist. We helped Kim establish her mission statement as well as her companies core values. Additionally, we also helped Kim explain how her certifications in Microblading are superior to other estheticians certifications and why details such as ink brand matter.

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Beginning with the website structure established during our initial consultation, Kim’s website was built utilizing a basic template as its building blocks. Specified features such as informational pages on specific cosmetic procedures, Interactive cosmetic procedure consent forms, and the booking widget were then added to the website after.

After the site structure was set, and updated brand colors and logo were implemented, approved content was then placed. Icon then took the client for a site walkthrough to ensure that the design and presentation was representative of the client’s brand.


Along with designing and building Kim’s website, Icon optimized the entire site’s content as well as images. By compressing the images, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the website to ensure that users can view the page with minimal wait time. As well, writing SEO behind both the content and images helps search engines index Kim’s page for relevant information, therefore, giving it a higher ranking and increasing the likelihood that it will appear again when a different prospective client searches for similar keywords.


  • Google Business Listing

  • Social platforms integration

  • Google site validation

  • Yelp business page listing set up

  • Vagaro Platform set up and customization


  • Cloud access to all revised content

  • Cloud access to all optimized images

  • Cloud access to all graphics created for this project

code customization

  • Styling with CSS