Hoofbeat Blankets



Hoofbeat Blankets Equine Laundry and Repair is a small, locally owned company based in Monroe, Washington. They specialize in the clothing and laundry needs of the Equine Community. They wash, weatherproof and repair horse blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads, boots, and any other large animal, or camping equipment that may need maintenance.


Many of our clients come to us at different points in their web development journey. While Hoofbeat Blankets already had a standing website that was inherited upon purchasing the business, they were looking for a redesign with an aesthetic that represented what their company has grown into and promotes engagement with their clientele.



Icon Web Development offers a mobile responsive design for all of the projects we work on. All of our websites are scalable across multiple devices (e.g., tablets) and are mobile friendly. This means your website will display correctly no matter if it's being viewed on a cell phone, your tablet or your desktop.



Hoofbeat Blankets client needs consisted of a website redesign to include pages such as; Services, Pricing, FAQ’s, and more. When Sarah, the current owner of Hoofbeat Blankets inherited the former Hoofbeat Blankets site with the purchase of the business, the standing site did not reflect how the company had grown in the past 5+ years under new ownership and did not accurately represent what Hoofbeat Blankets is today.

Additional to the website redesign, Hoofbeat Blankets needed a website that they could maintain on their own, during consultation they mentioned that because their former website was coded by a web developer they were no longer in touch with, they were unable to make even simple updates on such as blogs posts regarding current sponsorships, adding new services, or even updating prices.

Other client needs included funneling communication to email, integrating social platforms, and the ability for clients to easily find information and complete online forms.


While Hoofbeat Blankets already had a set logo, typography, and specific brand colors, Icon was able to take the already standing information and expand on it.

We retouched the Hoofbeat Blankets logo as the prior photoshopping left what should have been smooth, rounded edges looking chopped and jagged. We added a complimentary brand font that matched with the style of their original typography, and we also added two brand colors to complete a cohesive color scheme that complies with accessibility standards for the colorblind.

We then input all of the information into our customized brand kit. This brand kit not only serves as a reference point for our client’s brand updates but also allows our clients to define their business through the design continuity cross-platform.


Taking on the bulk of content writing themselves to cut overall costs, Icon partnered with Hoofbeats in researching keywords to ensure the content being delivered was still information dense, and competitive to their market. We also proofread the content to make sure it was error free and to confirm the underlying tone of the written content was reflective of the business's core values.


In the completion of this project, Hoofbeat Blankets was provided with fully optimized and dimensioned digital marketing graphics to promote their new website. Specific to the client, Hoofbeat Blankets utilizes Instagram and Facebook as their main social platforms so images were dimensioned for both.


Beginning with the website structure established during our initial consultation, the Hoofbeat Blankets website was rebuilt utilizing a basic template as its building blocks. Specified features such as the live Facebook feed and button animations were then added to the website thereafter.

Once the site structure was set, and updated brand colors and logo were implemented, the content was then placed. Icon then took the client for a site walkthrough to ensure that the design and presentation was representative of the client’s brand

After website completion, we met with Hoofbeats to walk through the site once more. We also taught the client how to make changes to their website and answered questions the client had about website maintenance.



Along with designing and rebuilding the Hoofbeat Blankets website, Icon optimized the website’s images, wrote metadata for SEO behind the content and images, and performed a site validation through Google.

Beyond that Icon migrated and configured a custom domain email for Hoofbeat Blankets from their former email hosting provider that integrates with their website platform to allow them to view email from the backend of their website.


  • Cloud access to all revised content

  • Cloud access to all optimized images

  • Cloud access to customized brand kit



  • Custom coded styling with CSS

  • Custom content addition with CSS

  • Button animations

  • Links to social platforms

  • Live facebook feed

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Website wide search feature

  • Email migration

  • Domain transfer