Herman Law Firm


The Client

Jeffrey L. Herman B.A., M.S.W., and J.D. Degrees, personal injury lawyer behind Herman Law, has been practicing law since 1994.  In his time as a personal injury lawyer, he has tried over 180 trials, arbitrations, and appeals, since being admitted to the Bar, and to date has successfully resolved 39 wrongful death claims.

Herman Law focuses on auto accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, burns, fractures, child and elder abuse and neglect, and other serious personal injury cases.


Many of our clients come to us at different points in their web development journey. Herman Law came to Icon Web Development looking to secure their website with an SSL Certificate and also held interest in building prospective clientele through website optimization.



Icon Web Development offers all of its clients a mobile responsive design. All of our websites are scalable across devices (e.g., tablets) and are mobile friendly. This means your website will display correctly no matter if it's being viewed on a cell phone, your tablet or your desktop.

If your website is not currently mobile friendly, Icon can help you get there. Certified in Mobile Responsive Design, we can manually edit your code to ensure your mobile users are able to view your page and receive the benefits of your service.



When Jeff sought Icon out as a web developer he already had a standing website and was mainly looking for “behind the scenes” help. His two main concerns were that his site wasn’t already mobile friendly, meaning it was scaling differently across all devices, and as well his site was not secure, meaning that it did not have an SSL certificate installed.  Additionally Jeff expressed during consultation that his website could also benefit from general website optimization, to improve Lighthouse Audit scores for SEO, Accessibility, and Best Coding Practices.

SSL Certificate Installation

Beginning with SSL Certificate initiation, and following up with installation of 301 redirect scripts from http:// to https://  - Icon Web Development was able to secure the Herman Law website. Although Jeff’s website doesn’t involve any kind of direct data input of personal information such as a client login, or any sensitive data such as credit card numbers the SSL Certificate as a security measure still protects Jeff’s site from being tampered with, and protects his users information, it also in turn boosts his rankings in all major search engines.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 4.57.36 PM.png

Website optimization

Because Jeff’s site was coded back in 2013 and technology and coding languages are always advancing, the site required quite a bit of maintenance in order to raise scores in accessibility, best practice, and SEO audits.

In addition to the website code being outdated, the site was also “stuffed” with keywords that were not particularly beneficial to Jeff’s industry and may have been the cause to what down ranking the website overall.

Jeff’s site performance audit through Lighthouse score was also significantly improved by compressing images and serving those images in next generation formats this was beneficial to the load speed of the website which in turn means his prospective clients were no longer having to wait for the screen to load to find out more about his services.

After all code was cleaned up, and best practice coding standards were implemented such as alt attributes on image tags and link descriptions were added all code was minified (compressed)  in order to further accelerate the speed of the website and better impact performance scores.

Additional work

Happy with the work performed during the initial round of services, Jeff contacted Icon for help with a hijacked link in early 2019. Although not in our general scope of work, we were able to help Jeff reclaim the link to his website with the manual backups we took. This is service typically not offered by most web designers.

Separate from the SSL Certificate that we installed the hijacked link is a different type of security issue that websites may face. The hijacked link or “blackhat SEO” was a link that was stolen by a malicious embedding of code into Jeff’s website files through a vulnerability in his hosting platform. We reclaimed the link to his contact page by manually removing the malicious code, and restoring a previous version of his files. We then rerouted the link to the backup we restored, and upon testing saw that the link does once again direct to Jeff’s contact page.


  • Cloud access to all HTML documents


  • Google Business Listing

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

  • Google site validation


  • Metadata for page descriptions

  • Metadata for images/ Alt image text