Concourse Hosting


The CLient

Concourse Hosting provides managed secure hosting solutions for Blackbaud ( A large scale fundraising software ) users and self-service analytics with Tableau. Concourse provides hosting for well over 100 organizations including some of the biggest clients in the Blackbaud software portfolio. Your data are securely hosted in a private cloud infrastructure that Concourse themselves own and operate.


Mobile Responsive

Icon Web Development offers all of its clients a mobile responsive design. All of our websites are scalable across multiple devices (e.g., tablets) and are mobile friendly. This means your website will display correctly no matter if it's being viewed on a cell phone, your tablet or your desktop.

While the Concourse Hosting website design was already mobile responsive at the time we started working together, Icon is Responsive Web Certified and can convert static desktop webpages into mobile-friendly websites.

Why Icon Web Development

Many of our clients come to us at different points in their web development journey. Concourse Hosting came to Icon Web Development looking to optimize their newly built website, as it was a service their current developers, and most other designers did not offer.


Services for Concourse Hosting consisted of a Website Audit, using the Lighthouse Auditing system through the Google Developer Console, Keyword Density Checks, Analysis of Keyword Strength, SERP Analysis, Competitor Tags, and a Backlinks Campaign.

After completing the initial round of SEO Services for Concourse Hosting, Icon performed site audits once more to ensure the code changes and additions to the code were beneficial and directly impacted the website’s SEO Scores. What we saw as a 10+ Point increase in all Blog posts as well as improvement in core pages of the website with overall site wide scores of 100%.


The new Concourse Hosting website was built in a Content Management System (CMS) called Netlify. Netlify is an all in one web project platform that helps developers build, deploy and manage web projects by pulling code from open sourced communities such as GitHub. Glen of Concourse Hosting’s priority concern was with website optimization. His secondary concern was to build domain authority for Concourse through campaigning for backlinks.

Icon was able to help Concourse achieve 100/100 Audit scores using the Lighthouse Audit through Google’s Development Console by working closely with the third party web development company responsible for the coding of the new website to implement HTML tags pertaining to website optimization.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 2.11.06 PM.png

Additional Optimization

Additionally, we discovered through consultation that as the website stood there were still other optimization opportunities in which the website could be improved, such as serving compressed images in appropriate formats.

A Manual Edit was also done for image metadata to ensure that all metadata was descriptive of the actual image being displayed and written in a way that third-party screen readers would be able to identify what the image was. This update in data also positively impacted the website’s audit scores for Accessibility as well as best coding practices.


  • Addition of Meta tags

  • Addition of Alt text tags

  • Addition of Page and Link, Title and Description tags.

Storage /Other

  • Cloud access to all optimized images

  • Cloud access to keyword densities, SERP Analysis, Keyword Strength, Link Analytics, etc.

  • Cloud access to all Lighthouse Audit scores.